Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sex Education [in a Catholic School]

Before I begin this post, I would like to state - there's no escape from Catholicism or Christianity in Ireland [did I spell that right? Yes, I did.].
It's everywhere, like literally, everywhere. Just down the road from where I reside, there lies a Roman Catholic church. Just a bit down from there is another church, with a Protestant Church right in the middle of Wexford. There's also a Christian Community Centre up the road from me, and I'm pretty sure somewhere there's a die-hard Christian boarding school near where I live.
 I don't mind at all the amount of Christianity in Ireland, it's our heritage. Ireland took to Christianity like a duck takes to bread. I will say, however, there are simply no public schools. They're all Catholic.

 Now, I've heard of Catholic schools around the world. Their worship actually surprises me. I mean, my aunt went to a [sort of] Christian cult church for about 3 years just to get her daughter into a good Catholic school in England. She faked being possessed and made her husband change religion [he was Protestant beforehand] to get her in. She did get in, so that was okay.
 My brother told me about a school in New York that at the start of every class, the teachers say "Jesus in our hearts" and the boys thump their hearts twice and shout "FOREVER!" and then sit down. That part has no relevance, I just thought it was amusing.
 Catholic schools in Ireland, well, they're not really Catholic. My school is an all girls school, with nuns and a school chaplain and a prayer room, we have a yearly school mass, we have [a single] prayer poster in the school and we say a prayer at the start of every class. I have a slight problem with this.

 In my [worthless] opinion, I don't think religion should really be merged that much in public schools. Mine is a public school, it lets a lot of people in and there is no entrance exam or anything. I'm not saying "Oh, keep religion away from our children!" either, I'm suggesting maybe leave a belief system out of school. Teach religion, by all means, teach about the fact that there ARE different religions too like Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Taoism, Protestantism, Lutheranism, Presbyterianism, Hinduism, and now I'm just listing religions I know of. I bet there's way more. Leave the prayer at the start of class out, students can say a silent prayer if they wish.

 What I'm trying to get across here is that because my school only really serves one religion, the girls in my school can be very close-minded about religion. They teach two religions in my Religion Junior Cert coursework [which I think is ridiculous, there shouldn't be a state examination about religion], Islam and Christianity. There's half a section dedicated to Islam and 3-4 entire sections on Christianity.

 Off topic, but I conducted an experiment the other day. I asked about 10 [aged 13-14] people about their outlook on religion.

6 said they didn't believe in God, but they're Christian because they want presents and chocolate.
2 were agnostic.
1 was devoutly religious.
The other was a Buddhist, but didn't seem to know what Buddhism was. Or where it came from. Or who Buddha was. Their description of Buddha?; "Eh, that fat golden lad".
I'm inclined to think that person was being a bit ignorant and was just trying to seem interesting.

 I'm kind of shocked about the people wanting to be Christian, not because they love Jesus/God, but because they want the attachments that come with it.
But that's not what this extra-long post is about.

As a result of my friend Brian [SHOUT OUT TO DEAD BABIES INC. HERE!] talking about a certain podcast, called Sex Nerd Sandra [you can download it on iTunes for free!], I had my first proper sex education lesson from her.
This means I've NEVER had sex education before, you realise?
I was handed a book by my parents, and I couldn't read it because I was scared of penises. So I spent a good 3-4 years of my life ignoring the fact that penises exist.
I, personally blame my primary school and my brother for this.
My primary kind of taught us "Oooooo! Don't touch boys! You'll get pregnant!"
My brother told me when I was 6 that a penis was a weapon and you'll die if you touch it.

I was hoping in secondary, that we'd actually get some sex education and get informed and know the risks of sex.
We were, instead taught about how to give birth.
That really disgusts me. Yes, sexual education IS on the coursework in SPHE in my school, the teachers just never did it with us, because no one wants to be that teacher, because it's awkward.
We haven't been taught about sexuality either. They just assume we're all straight.

My FSM, I hate my school.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Kitty's View on Twilight.

I don't post much about things I like, do I?
Well I'm going to continue that pattern.
I don't particularly like the STORYLINE of Twilight, or the main character.

 I'm not gonna deny the success of Twilight, it's a #1 best seller. In my opinion, that doesn't mean it's literature.
Literature is To Kill A Mockingbird, Lord of the Flies, 1984, Animal Farm, most Stephen King novels and any novel that is deep, layered, meaningful and has a message to deliver, whether evolutionary or revolutionary.

 Twilight does have messages in the books, but as far as I can see, they're mostly negative.

 Bella is supposed to represent a typical teenage girl in modern society. Last time I checked, most teenage girls do not in fact, have a two dimensional personality.
One thing that confuses me about Bella is the fact she's so... well, unexcited and neutral about things.
If two boys were on the brink of war over a girl, the girl would naturally feel worried about the two boys and their safety. She might even get a bit upset over it.
Not Bella.
She remains this face: -_-
I get there are some people like that, but even in dire situations, they might show a little passion.

The Portrayal of a Heroine & Abstinence.
 First of all, Twilight seems to be all about abstinence [no sex until marriage]. That's not really a problem, it's what the author believes in.
It's when the message in the final book changes, and then I get pissed off.
When Bella decides to keep her baby that will almost definitely kill her,  this is what I read:

Bella: Edward, I'm pregnant!
Edward: Oh God, a vampire-human baby! That will surely doom society, Forks, and perhaps the entire world! That shit is dangerous, it shouldn't be let near any living organism!
Carlisle: Bella, I'm seriously recommending you get rid of this baby. It's a threat to humankind.

... What?
Okay, I admit. I'm not COMPLETELY against abortions. I think it should be allowed in circumstances like rape, unconsented incest, if there's no financial support for the baby or if the mothers life is in danger.
I get that Bella doesn't want to have an abortion, but seriously, the portrayal of her as a heroine and her acting in that way just makes me sick. Women don't have to bear children, it helps the population sure, but not every woman has to. Especially not for the sake of being "a good wife".

 "So, Kitty," I hear you cry, "Why do you watch and read Twilight then?"


 And I think that's a good enough reason for everything.


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

These are dark times ahead indeed.

I'm back from my Mock exams, which I'm not going to post yet. I haven't gotten them all back.
A good few things have happened to me since I last posted.

  1. THE CANE -dun dun duuuuuunnn-
  2. Ogden broke up with me. Is this a bad thing?
  3. My best friend will be in a remote island for the entire summer.
Now, for starters: The Cane. [aka Bobert]
 I was down town with my friends Cory and Fionn, hunting for a Valentine's Day present for Ogden pre-break up [we had a spear and all], and Fionn spots a cane in the window. For anyone who actually reads Ogden's blog, you'll know how... let's say eccentric, that he is, so I thought that a cane would be a lovely present! So I bought it and named it Bobert. I was ecstatic because I had spent two weeks at that point trying to find something for him, not to mention I had already gotten him electric blue contacts for his birthday.

 *_~_* ONE WEEK LATER *_~_*
 MacDara, Alisha [two very old friends of mine] and I were heading up to Enniscorthy to see Ogden who we hadn't seen since he went to America, and Brian. [Head of Dead Babies INC. Look it up on Youtube, look for gromit7573 -shameless promotion].

 As MacDara and I ambled to Alisha's house, I suddenly dropped the cane.
The handle snapped into three parts.
Oh fuck.

 So then we went to Alisha's looking for superglue, and we managed to get our hands and tissues stuck to it.
This really wasn't looking well for us, was it?
We eventually got out hands off but we couldn't manage a few fibers of tissue left over. So we bought a toothbrush and nail varnish remover and tried to scrape off the tissue. [Alisha's idea].
That didn't work.
So then we tried to get some black spray paint to spray it over with, we had given up on the handle at this point.
We couldn't afford it.
Then we lost a small part of the pieces.

So we made our way to the bus stop, where MacDara found out his bus ticket money was lost so I said I'd pay for it.
We missed the bus anyway.
So we went and got chips and came back to the bus stop.
We caught it, but we were one euro short so a very nice woman gave us a euro to get us on [some faith in humanity was restored that day].
We went on our 35 minute journey to Enniscorthy, and when we got off, guess what?
Brian and Ogden had to go.
See, I would have been perfectly fine with these as their farms were quite busy and they needed to tend to them.
But Ogden wouldn't accept the present, because it was broken.

Hold on a minute now.

You can't just reject a present because it's broken, a present is a present despite its condition. It's the thought and effort that counts.

I told him the story about what happened and I was nearly in tears at that point, and he still didn't.
Because "it's no use now, sure is it?"
Wow, Ogden. Just wow.
Remind me not to get you a present again.

 Now the cane stuff is over, let me get back to -sobs- TEH GRAYTEZT TRADEGIIE IN MA WHOLE LIEEFFFFFFFFFFF. -heavy sarcasm laced through voice-.
 Yeah, Ogden broke up with me towards the end of February.
Bitch, does it look like I care?
Well, of course I honestly do care a little. I really did like Ogden, I did want it to work. But the reason just kind of confuses me.
"You're an amazing girlfriend and all, you're just not the perfect one for me".

... I'm sorry?
How old are we all? Are we adults yet? Can we get married yet? Is it legal to have kids?
Didn't think so.

 Teenage relationships can be fun, or serious, meaningless or meaningful. Whatever the relationship is like, it's doubtful it's going to last anyway, we're teenagers for God's sake.
I doubt people will find "that special someone" we all want to have in a teenage relationship. If you have, congratulations, I'm happy for you, but you're not the people I'm talking about here.
 I'm talking about people who expect their partner to be perfect.
I, myself don't actually have very high standards. I accept my partner for whoever s/he is, and eventually begin to love them.
This in my eyes, is true love. Not two people who are made for each other, two people who [maybe perhaps are in] love and accept each other for who they are.
 I don't ask for people to fall in love with me head over heels in the first few weeks of a relationship. I ask for respect, laughs and the occasional compliment to make me feel that extra bit special, or at the very least, accept me for who I am.
 If my partner can't do that, then they certainly don't deserve me.

So sadly, Ogden x Kitty didn't work out. Not to worry, I'll always have Taylor Lautner :)
"She'll come back. She always comes back."

I will save the rest of this post for later.
 Goodbye, and assviolins.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

My blog stats are bloody strange.

I didn't know people looked at my blog. I feel embarrassed now :3
I have quite a big audience in Russia, apparently. Well, more of an audience in Ireland but that's just people I know. I say, privet to the Russians! I can't risk using Google Translator, it'll probably translate badly and I'll just end up insulting people.
 That's what happens to me when I speak anyway...
 I've also got quite a lot of views from a mobile phone conspiracy website, now THAT is what I'm confused about. Have I mentioned mobile phones since my technology phase?

 My Mocks are in two weeks. I may or may not post my results, it depends on how well I do. I probably will post them, for teh lulz.

 Looking at your stats is a little creepy. The post on my page with the most views is the post; "You know what turns ME on?". It has 23 views as of now.
You dirty bastards.
So, these countries have visited my page;
Ireland - 139 views.
Germany - 26.
USA - 26.
UK - 16.
Russia - 11.
Latvia - 1.
Singapore - 3.
Romania - 2.
France - 1.
Ukraine - 1.

... I didn't know I even had an audience to be honest. It's like the Truman show.

I'm a little scared now.

 Ogden actually inspired me to check my stats. Now, you have scarred me, Ogden! SCARRED, I TELL YOU. SCARRED.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Oh noes, bloggage stoppage!

Well, as you may know, I have exams in 3rd year. I'll be studying 12 hours each week, so I mightn't get to post that often.

Sunday, January 1, 2012


I get weird conversations all the time. Especially in 2011.
The person I'm conversing with is green. I'm always the grey speech bubble.
Here a few of them:
I say what what in the butt....


There's a meme here somewhere...


And thus, a meme was born.


Happy Hitler.


Oh, we love each other really.


Alisha becomes a brony.



What Alisha has written in my official file.

First morning of 2012...

You know what turns ME on?

My on switch.